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14 Nov

So I found this

And I asked myself “what the frick is going on here?” and came up with nothing, so now Im asking you, my brilliant and talented readers to come up with a little story behind this crazy photo

Send in your ideas to girlgonerun@hotmail.com under the subject line “Mama’s cold shower” and I’ll post the best one

Im looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with…and there just might be PRIZE for the WINNER!


All Hail the Sanctimommy!

5 Oct

While trying to quitch my ensatiable thirst for knowledge

cute huh?

I came across this in Webster’s Online Dictionary:

Top 10 User Submitted Words, Vol. 4

#1: Sanctimommy

Definition: a mother who points out perceived faults in the parenting of others

Well now first let me say as an avid fan of the english language I do NOT condone the making up of words…the usage of  “slang” amoung friends and family is acceptable but making up words only helps to further the deterioration of the english language, which in my opinion has already suffered enough abuse.

But when i saw this i just had to share

How many time have you been trapped in a hospital waiting room with a total self righteous she-monster, who has decided to “bless” you with all her motherly wisdom using all the moms around you as examples of  “poor parenting”. Well…Now there is a name for that she-monster

and no im not thinking the B-word…well I was but this is a bit more classy


and when you finished with the “Hailing”, forget every word she’s said

"You quit talking bad about my mommy, i'll warn you i was breast fed and im a black belt"

Follow your own parenting insinicts ladies, and if all else fails ask your Mom, cause you know what they say

“Mother always knows best”