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Halloween!…Lets Get Witchy With It!

4 Nov

So first let me say

“My Bad” for not writing for like forever…it was wrong and selfish of me, but I’m back.

And I have a great line up planned for this month!

So with that said let’s get to the fun stuff…

HALLOWEEN or All HALLOWS EVE is my favorite holiday and every year I try to really go there with my handmade costumes.  And to be honest buying a 45.00 polyester “Sexy Devil” costume is just so not me

I’m a Prima Donna Mama and the need to really express myself is far beyond the realms of  Dirty Nurse and Sexy Bunny

and I’m also handy with a sewing machine, so here’s this is what I came up with

Shrunken Heads anyone?

Yes people the doctor is in..the Witch Doctor that is

Oh and here I am with the missionary Priest who finally domesticated my savagery

Savage Amour

🙂 So…

pull out your sketch pads and dream up something fabulous Mama!

Being creative is what we Moms do, besides changing diapers and saving the world before dinner.

Ciao !



Foley+Corinna ‘s Generosity Knows No End!

19 Oct

So there’s another Foley & Corinna giveaway, and I just couldn’t keep this info to myself (even if you guys are my competition…grrrrr)

So heres the deal

Heres the magic link:


If this doesn’t sound like fun I dont know what does, I know I’m entering cause there is totally another beautiful bag with my name on it 

So test your style skill and enter! You’ve got nothing to loose!

and don’t forget to sign up for their mailing list for more cooooooool giveaways!

Pamper Me, and I ain’t talking huggies

26 Sep

As a busy moms balancing many different hats ( and check books) we often forget to find time to show ourselves some love…. 

Pretty high-tech huh?

Now don’t get nervous im not talking pocket rockets and shower heads, although as I always say “No one knows me better than me.” But today I’m referring to some good ole fashion pampering, the kind with the cucumbers, mud and ladies speaking in rapid fire Korean 

 Sometimes when life takes you to that where all your thoughts pretty much sound like: 

 “I’m gonna murder that B*%$h (insert co-workers name) tomorrow” 


“What the F%*k is wrong with you (insert spouses name) I said the red one, does this look like red to you Mother-F*@$!er!” 

This is one’s cue to step back, breath and treat onesself to something nice. Like maybe a pair of shoes that are totally out of your price range, a bag that you saw in ELLE, some miracle de-wrinkler that Catherine Zeta-Jones Douglas endorses or if you’re trying to stay low-budget a simple manicure might do the trick. But in todays fashion forward world “simple” doesn”t really apply to much anymore, and the world of creative design has spilled over right on to your finger tips 

And so we witness the rise of NAIL ART! 

Take a look 

Artist-Farrah Griffin

Artist- Farrah Griffin

Artist- Rose Medina

Artist- Rose Medina

Artist- Kim Barksdale

Artist- Kim Barksdale

Artist- Janet Riffe

Artist- Janet Riffe

Artist- Carmen Gonzalez Banda

Artist- Carmen Gonzalez Banda

And If you’re looking to go OVER THE TOP…or TIP (nail tech humor) try this 

Artist- Viv Simmonds

Artist- Viv Simmonds

Nails have become a new form of artistic expression and trust me this little preview is only scratching the tip of the nail bed (more nail tech humor). Check out www.nailpro.com for more creative designs from nail tech super stars all over the world. 

So treat yourself to some quality time with your local nail-tech or if your more of the hands on type, try your own hand at some nail art 

Go on Mama, Express yourself!

But before you go here’s a little music to set the mood for you next manni/peddi

Kid Sister, take it away!