Foley+Corinna ‘s Generosity Knows No End!

19 Oct

So there’s another Foley & Corinna giveaway, and I just couldn’t keep this info to myself (even if you guys are my competition…grrrrr)

So heres the deal

Heres the magic link:–Style-it–Win-it-.html?soid=1103470437428&aid=iF33VsCDDtM.

If this doesn’t sound like fun I dont know what does, I know I’m entering cause there is totally another beautiful bag with my name on it 

So test your style skill and enter! You’ve got nothing to loose!

and don’t forget to sign up for their mailing list for more cooooooool giveaways!


Going My Way?: So Can I Drive Yet?

14 Oct

And sadly the answer is no 😦

Yes I”m pretty dissapointed in myself, and I’d hate to think of what “YOU” my precious readers think, but just hear me out ok.  I know it seems as if I’m making excuses for not buckling down and learning but really the problem is finding a good spot to practice. We’ve tried to make a little learners course around a Toy’s R Us but the rent-a-cops there are very serious about their “You can’t do that here” rule. And honestly it’s a little embarassing to get kicked out of a Toy’s R Us parking lot by a rent-a-cop.


I would try and practice on the narrow streets of Queens NYC, and just take a more hands on approach. But due to the common populations lack of respect for the rules of the road and lack of common sence, Henry thinks it’s safer for the common population if I find an area thats a little more “first time driver” friendly.



I’m vowing to you all that I’ll be getting back into the drivers seat soon

And I promise you’ll get the full scoop!


Feel The Burn!

12 Oct

So do you remember that moment…

You’d finally had your bundle of joy,

and then you noticed that other bundle, the one still sagging right above you jeans and a little in your hind quarters

No need to blush little lady, postpartum weight is just another brick in the road to motherhood

So stiffen up that lower lip and lets deal with it, and soon before it gets outta hand

And of course I have just the thing to help you get started,

behold the holy grail of  fitness dvd’s

so hardcore!!!!

If you’ve seen her on The Biggest Loser, you know she is one tough cookie

ouch, now thats hands on training

and this DVD is a true testament to her fitness superiority.


After I had my daughter I couldn’t wait to finally be able to put in a good 45 minutes of cardio. I tried many workouts but none really gave me that deep burn I was thirsting for.

Until I found Jillian, as soon as began the warm-up I knew I was in for a sweat, and that’s just what I got. Combining cardio, weight training and muscle-building this work out burns calories while toning up all those areas we avoid looking at in the shower. So say goodbye to the dreaded jiggles and team this wonderful work out up with a properly balanced diet.

And remember the work out only works if you work it

so work it Mama, and feel that BURN!

Good Gosh!..I think we’ve been robbed

12 Oct

So its official we’re famous!! and we’ve been robbed!!

We have our very first copy cat, right here

This site is super bogus

but its nice to know we’re getting so good over here at Prima Donna Mama, that the less talented people are just taking it upon them selves to borrow our charm, wit and good looks..

Flattered really

Look At What I Won!, Foley+Corrinna Hobo Moto

10 Oct

It all started on a very average day, as I was scrolling through Face Book and I saw this

I thought ” Hey, why not” and threw my name into the pot on

And I WON!!!

needless to say I was extremely excited because the names

are synonymous with classic, edgy and supple style, just ask ladies like Natalie Portman, Heidi Klum (certified MILF), Drew Barrymore and Katy Perry.

And if you don’t believe me here’s what the designers have to say

“This is the Foley+Corinna brand—sometimes sexy, sometimes understated, but always striking. From the signature City Tote to the luxuriously draped dresses, Foley+Corinna designs transition effortlessly from day to night, season to season, downtown to the red carpet and right into the after party. It’s the perfect mix of sophistication, fun and function for the chic city woman. Every piece makes a statement”

So here she is the HOBO MOTO

 Needless to say it is an honor to be a proud owner of such a fine piece of fashion art, the leather is so soft and supple and the SPACE!!!  The best part about the Hobo Moto bag  is that it’s a never-ending black hole of space,without looking like a grandma tote, which is pretty much every moms fantasy

As you already know a woman has to be prepared for everything, so we bring everything, and this bag makes that process


so check out Foley+Corrinna at

and I’ll warn you

Their more than just handbags, so prepare to have you thirst for fashion


and your credit care set on fire

Ciao Mama!

Spot Light!! More Kelis…Cause We Have To

5 Oct

This Just In:

 Kelis just premiered her new video for “Scream” from her new and most innovative album “FLESH TONE”

So here it is

We just had to, she is such a totaly M.I.L.F

SIDE NOTE: Own your M.I.L.F-ness ladies, this sexy is our RIGHT!!!

All Hail the Sanctimommy!

5 Oct

While trying to quitch my ensatiable thirst for knowledge

cute huh?

I came across this in Webster’s Online Dictionary:

Top 10 User Submitted Words, Vol. 4

#1: Sanctimommy

Definition: a mother who points out perceived faults in the parenting of others

Well now first let me say as an avid fan of the english language I do NOT condone the making up of words…the usage of  “slang” amoung friends and family is acceptable but making up words only helps to further the deterioration of the english language, which in my opinion has already suffered enough abuse.

But when i saw this i just had to share

How many time have you been trapped in a hospital waiting room with a total self righteous she-monster, who has decided to “bless” you with all her motherly wisdom using all the moms around you as examples of  “poor parenting”. Well…Now there is a name for that she-monster

and no im not thinking the B-word…well I was but this is a bit more classy


and when you finished with the “Hailing”, forget every word she’s said

"You quit talking bad about my mommy, i'll warn you i was breast fed and im a black belt"

Follow your own parenting insinicts ladies, and if all else fails ask your Mom, cause you know what they say

“Mother always knows best”


Baby Your Beautiful

3 Oct

How many times have you been roped into cooing at a tragically ugly baby

Honestly I think these people know their children aren’t easy on the eyes, they just know you’ll never tell them their kid is



Don’t blame the baby, blame the parents for putting the poor baby on display like a side-show attraction

Here’s to you Ugly Baby, may you forever hold you head high at the Gymboree

Remember folks beauty is only skin deep, and sometimes the stuff on the inside is way more interesting. and that goes for people of all ages

and sometimes animals too!