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14 Nov

So I found this

And I asked myself “what the frick is going on here?” and came up with nothing, so now Im asking you, my brilliant and talented readers to come up with a little story behind this crazy photo

Send in your ideas to under the subject line “Mama’s cold shower” and I’ll post the best one

Im looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with…and there just might be PRIZE for the WINNER!


Baby Your Beautiful

3 Oct

How many times have you been roped into cooing at a tragically ugly baby

Honestly I think these people know their children aren’t easy on the eyes, they just know you’ll never tell them their kid is



Don’t blame the baby, blame the parents for putting the poor baby on display like a side-show attraction

Here’s to you Ugly Baby, may you forever hold you head high at the Gymboree

Remember folks beauty is only skin deep, and sometimes the stuff on the inside is way more interesting. and that goes for people of all ages

and sometimes animals too!