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Happy New Year..Now FEED ME!!

16 Jan

Happy New Year too all my faithful readers!

First off let me apologize for not writing in such a long time, but due to the lack of feedback, comments or questions I just didn’t feel like you guys were interested so…


And I’ll continue to dazzle and amaze you with a wide range of topic covering all the good stuff!

Ciao for now!


Good Gosh!..I think we’ve been robbed

12 Oct

So its official we’re famous!! and we’ve been robbed!!

We have our very first copy cat, right here

This site is super bogus

but its nice to know we’re getting so good over here at Prima Donna Mama, that the less talented people are just taking it upon them selves to borrow our charm, wit and good looks..

Flattered really

Please Accept My Humble Apology…Please

2 Sep



I know i promise you a rip snorting time

but hey I’m a mama first and things in Mommyville have been busy busy busy (so busy i said it four times!!)

But never fear i got some great stuff coming

so put on your reading glasses!

and please accept my apology

Because this is totally one of those “Its not you, it me” things


Super Mom?…Oh no they didn’t

21 Aug

Honestly they could have totally given her a better outfit and a better haircut…who are they fooling with that bad perm…how lame is it that this hard-working doll get frumpy rollers, whilst this fly by night hussy(featured below) gets the sexy suede ankle boots and latest in fashion denim in a lovely dark wash… I bet super mom could kick her ass, feed and burp that baby,and still look better in that swimsuit

This poor image of Super Mom is saying something ladies..and im not liking it.

Take back your sexy!! Every mama is a PRIMA DONNA 

and Botox Barbie better watch her back on the beach…grrrrrrr


8 Aug

We’ve only just begun, but im postive this is the start of a beautiful friendship!