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What do Barbie and Britney have in Common?

9 Nov


Well for starters they’re both…”Not that innocent”

For years Barbie (made by Mattel) has been the target for much critique, be it her outlandish proportions or her status as a role model. This Doll, although today controversial was once was timeless staple in a young girls toy chest. But times are changing and in order to be timeless Barbie has gone high-tech with:

Yup that’s right Barbie’s officially a cyborg, CYBERNET would be proud to bad it’s software is only Mac friendly (Cybernet : that’s a Terminator reference if you’re wondering).

It was only a matter of time before the toy industry decided that children were smart and responsible enough to operate video cameras. I mean it’s not as if there’s anything wrong with a child using a video camera to record ANYTHING they saw fit, I mean the box says the toy is for ages 6 years +. So come on what type of over bearing and stifling parent wouldn’t let a 6-year-old explore the world of film making.

I hope you caught all that sarcasm, cause I was pouring it on pretty heavy

Video Girl Barbie is a monster in the making, and in my opinion no child should be entrusted with this kind of technology. Take a look at U-Tube and all the sick, sad and ridiculous things ADULTS have recorded, now tell me your 6-year-old is James Cameron. Would you really want you child recording the secreat inner workings of your home? Cause lets be honest children have a wonderful nack for catching us at our worst.

and now your child is sacred for life

And of course as a mom in this day and age I have to wonder “What if this device lands in the wrong hands?” you know the kind that belong to some sick demented pervert who finds a way to use this toy to get his kicks by watching children at their most vulnerable moments.

All in all this is not my ideal Christmas Gift and i think toy makers should be ashamed for complicating and defacing childhood in such away.

Shame shame…shame on you Mattel

Honestly you couldn’t think of anything else… you had to go and make the one toy that’s on every perverts wishlist

Here’s a little example of just how sick, sad and depraved the world of video can get, now let me first warn you



Good Gosh!..I think we’ve been robbed

12 Oct

So its official we’re famous!! and we’ve been robbed!!

We have our very first copy cat, right here

This site is super bogus

but its nice to know we’re getting so good over here at Prima Donna Mama, that the less talented people are just taking it upon them selves to borrow our charm, wit and good looks..

Flattered really

What The Frick!!

4 Sep

So i came across this

what were they thinking?

And i had a total “What the FRICK !!” moment I understand that you wanna keep your baby close to you and warm as well, but come on really do you think this (above) is a good idea. As moms we do many  unfashionable things for the sake of your children, like say running to the store in your dirty sweats cause the econo size pack of diapers ran out. But this silly thing is just well…uncool and unnecessary. I mean come on just bring a nice baby blanket or if you want to really go crazy just put a JACKET on your baby. I know the world is starting to take a hint and realize that women sometimes need a little gadget help in order to balance the crazy hectic-ness that is MOTHERHOOD, but this invention is just embarrassing for you and the baby. I can just see your teenagers face now when they’re looking through their baby photos and they find a picture of you grinning while they are stuck in the insane fashion faux pas. Needless to say I will not be posting a link for this sillyness…geeze