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I’m not of Latin decent but…

5 May

But Feliz Cinco De Mayo to all my mamacitas out there…and if you wanna clue me in on just what you’re celebrating that be nice too..I love a good fact

Tonight we’ll be eating these… in honor of the day and just cause i love mexican food soooooo damn much.. my daughter was practically incubated in green mole sauce…

yum yum in my tum


Its been A Long Time

5 May

and i shouldn’t have left you but here’s a dope beat to step too…..

Honestly I’m at a cross roads folks what should I do…Try Again? and thats my pun for the day no more I promise…haha
Cryptic i know but for all you working moms…who are actually out of work and starting to worry that you’ll never find you niche..I hear you Mama. I started Prima Donna Mama to reach mom’s with purpose and those without hoping to share inspiration. But somewhere toward the middle there I feel like I lost my own inspiration. I stopped creating because I needed a pay check and now that I realize my fabulous ass can’t keep a desk job I’m here at this fork in the road…and since i still dont know how to drive (lol) im stuck here…unless I pick my sexy ass up and start thinking outside the box

So here’s to getting a map and a clue and finding my way..cause really there are only two ways to go ladies

which way is up again?

Here Kitty Kitty:Cat Calls, Has It Gone To Far?

24 Nov

Have you ever had a day like this one

Some of these examples may seem extreme but I can contest to walking down the street and hearing some of these vulgar attempts at conversation. Its sad and depraved to what lengths some men will go to just to be noticed by a woman. I mean they can’t be so thick(ridiculously stupid) to think that making crude remarks on certain aspects of a woman body are flattering?

The worst cases are when men are so bold as to hit on you when your with your children. And I’m not talking just about a friendly smile and a “Good morning beautiful” I’m talking full on harassment right in front of your offspring. Now I understand that the family dynamic has changed a lot in the past few years, but when you see a young black female with a child should you automatically assume that she is a single mom on well-fair desperate for any form of attention that might be thrown her way?

As Prima Donna’s we have the right to walk the streets without being harassed like common whores. As women and deserve better than juvenile remarks and uncoordinated attempts and flirting, because after all we do hold all the keys and codes. So the next time a creep with extremely limited “game” tries to kick it too you with a less than gentlemanly inquiry just tell him

“Nah I’m good bro, but hey is your mom cute?”

The look of utter shock and confusion on his face will be a wonderful consolation for you wasted time

Ciao Mama


Halloween!…Lets Get Witchy With It!

4 Nov

So first let me say

“My Bad” for not writing for like forever…it was wrong and selfish of me, but I’m back.

And I have a great line up planned for this month!

So with that said let’s get to the fun stuff…

HALLOWEEN or All HALLOWS EVE is my favorite holiday and every year I try to really go there with my handmade costumes.  And to be honest buying a 45.00 polyester “Sexy Devil” costume is just so not me

I’m a Prima Donna Mama and the need to really express myself is far beyond the realms of  Dirty Nurse and Sexy Bunny

and I’m also handy with a sewing machine, so here’s this is what I came up with

Shrunken Heads anyone?

Yes people the doctor is in..the Witch Doctor that is

Oh and here I am with the missionary Priest who finally domesticated my savagery

Savage Amour

🙂 So…

pull out your sketch pads and dream up something fabulous Mama!

Being creative is what we Moms do, besides changing diapers and saving the world before dinner.

Ciao !


Going My Way?: So Can I Drive Yet?

14 Oct

And sadly the answer is no 😦

Yes I”m pretty dissapointed in myself, and I’d hate to think of what “YOU” my precious readers think, but just hear me out ok.  I know it seems as if I’m making excuses for not buckling down and learning but really the problem is finding a good spot to practice. We’ve tried to make a little learners course around a Toy’s R Us but the rent-a-cops there are very serious about their “You can’t do that here” rule. And honestly it’s a little embarassing to get kicked out of a Toy’s R Us parking lot by a rent-a-cop.


I would try and practice on the narrow streets of Queens NYC, and just take a more hands on approach. But due to the common populations lack of respect for the rules of the road and lack of common sence, Henry thinks it’s safer for the common population if I find an area thats a little more “first time driver” friendly.



I’m vowing to you all that I’ll be getting back into the drivers seat soon

And I promise you’ll get the full scoop!


How To Find & Keep A Man… (Aprils Version)

18 Sep

Here is April’s method on finding, capturing and taming an unruly gentleman. 



Pile it high ladies



hold firmly until the beast is subdued and recognizes your dominance


Lennon had it right "All You Need Is Love"

So that’s my method, feel free to share yours 🙂 


Going My Way?: A Woman’s Journey to Vehicular Freedom

12 Sep

Modern woman has always been faced with many pressing questions such as “How do I get all of my things from here to over there?” and “How will I get there on time.” Living, working and playing in the fast pace city of New York can turn anyone into a professional multi-task-er. With school, work and a growing toddler I for one find myself waking at ungodly hours in order to pack my family up and ride the iron horse to work. This routine has always been flawed and often I find my self arriving everywhere late due to a sick passenger or the just plain awful-ness of the MTA.

So I’ve decided to become a driver!

 Yes at 24 I’ve finally decided to get out of the passenger seat, and put my hitch hikers thumb away.

So I took the written test (which is most likely the easiest test you’ll ever take) and I passed!!


Me & My brand new Learner's Permit! (aren't we hot!!)

Don't I look grown up and serious

Although I’m motivated this will be no easy feat, I come from a large family of non-drivers

Except for my Grand Mama who most likely drove something like this (below)


So follow my journey as I buckle up and pursue vehicular FREEDOM

Yep, I'm nervous

You’ll see me laugh, cry and come into many close calls with medians, but don’t worry I have insurance (you won’t catch me riding dirty)

With my trusty side-kick/driver extraordinaire/fiancé to show me the ropes I’ll finally know what it feels like to be in the drivers seat, with the wind blowing in my curly fro.


Open road, Here I come!

INTRODUCING..well..Me the Author..silly!

16 Aug

This story begins with me

Hi! My names April Nicole and im your everyday average wild child. I’m loud, impulsive and I’m pretty sure I’ve never sat still for more than 5 minutes tops. I’ve got a serious soft spot for all things Rock & Roll, needless to say I worship Bowie & Prince, but im also a bookworm and an avid fan of the english language. I’m what some might call a social butterfly, and im infamous for being that “Weird Black Girl”, cause you never know what I’ll say, do, or wear next. I like to ride my own wave, do my own thing and compromise has never really been my strong suit


Sometimes lighting strikes your whole world cracks and reforms anew, and this guy

…Well lets just say he totally ROCKED my world!!

Henry is a “Man’s man” and by that i mean he drinks beer, spits and likes huge homemade meals. He might not say much but he can fix anything as long as it’s broken. And really is there anything hotter than watching a man change your oil and rotate your tires:::wink wink:::

 Suddenly i had a road dog, and honestly one of the best drinking buddies IN THE WORLD

Henry and i became inseparable

Which of course lead to the creation of the now infamously known toddler we like to call


And she is truly my magnum opus, my greatest work in the flesh. She’s got a perfect blend of his cool resourcefulness and my wild “Go Gettum” attitude, all wrapped up in a soft and sweet treat. And really that smile does move mountains.

So that’s my story and im sticking to it.  I’m just your everyday ordinary Amazon working hard, playing hard and painting the town red…Im dedicated to being better than my best and I’m destined to be FEIRCE forever..I Am a Prima Donna and I make this mommy thing look good 😉