Its been A Long Time

5 May

and i shouldn’t have left you but here’s a dope beat to step too…..

Honestly I’m at a cross roads folks what should I do…Try Again? and thats my pun for the day no more I promise…haha
Cryptic i know but for all you working moms…who are actually out of work and starting to worry that you’ll never find you niche..I hear you Mama. I started Prima Donna Mama to reach mom’s with purpose and those without hoping to share inspiration. But somewhere toward the middle there I feel like I lost my own inspiration. I stopped creating because I needed a pay check and now that I realize my fabulous ass can’t keep a desk job I’m here at this fork in the road…and since i still dont know how to drive (lol) im stuck here…unless I pick my sexy ass up and start thinking outside the box

So here’s to getting a map and a clue and finding my way..cause really there are only two ways to go ladies

which way is up again?

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