Here Kitty Kitty:Cat Calls, Has It Gone To Far?

24 Nov

Have you ever had a day like this one

Some of these examples may seem extreme but I can contest to walking down the street and hearing some of these vulgar attempts at conversation. Its sad and depraved to what lengths some men will go to just to be noticed by a woman. I mean they can’t be so thick(ridiculously stupid) to think that making crude remarks on certain aspects of a woman body are flattering?

The worst cases are when men are so bold as to hit on you when your with your children. And I’m not talking just about a friendly smile and a “Good morning beautiful” I’m talking full on harassment right in front of your offspring. Now I understand that the family dynamic has changed a lot in the past few years, but when you see a young black female with a child should you automatically assume that she is a single mom on well-fair desperate for any form of attention that might be thrown her way?

As Prima Donna’s we have the right to walk the streets without being harassed like common whores. As women and deserve better than juvenile remarks and uncoordinated attempts and flirting, because after all we do hold all the keys and codes. So the next time a creep with extremely limited “game” tries to kick it too you with a less than gentlemanly inquiry just tell him

“Nah I’m good bro, but hey is your mom cute?”

The look of utter shock and confusion on his face will be a wonderful consolation for you wasted time

Ciao Mama


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