Going My Way?: So Can I Drive Yet?

14 Oct

And sadly the answer is no 😦

Yes I”m pretty dissapointed in myself, and I’d hate to think of what “YOU” my precious readers think, but just hear me out ok.  I know it seems as if I’m making excuses for not buckling down and learning but really the problem is finding a good spot to practice. We’ve tried to make a little learners course around a Toy’s R Us but the rent-a-cops there are very serious about their “You can’t do that here” rule. And honestly it’s a little embarassing to get kicked out of a Toy’s R Us parking lot by a rent-a-cop.


I would try and practice on the narrow streets of Queens NYC, and just take a more hands on approach. But due to the common populations lack of respect for the rules of the road and lack of common sence, Henry thinks it’s safer for the common population if I find an area thats a little more “first time driver” friendly.



I’m vowing to you all that I’ll be getting back into the drivers seat soon

And I promise you’ll get the full scoop!


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