Feel The Burn!

12 Oct

So do you remember that moment…

You’d finally had your bundle of joy,

and then you noticed that other bundle, the one still sagging right above you jeans and a little in your hind quarters

No need to blush little lady, postpartum weight is just another brick in the road to motherhood

So stiffen up that lower lip and lets deal with it, and soon before it gets outta hand

And of course I have just the thing to help you get started,

behold the holy grail of  fitness dvd’s

so hardcore!!!!

If you’ve seen her on The Biggest Loser, you know she is one tough cookie

ouch, now thats hands on training

and this DVD is a true testament to her fitness superiority.


After I had my daughter I couldn’t wait to finally be able to put in a good 45 minutes of cardio. I tried many workouts but none really gave me that deep burn I was thirsting for.

Until I found Jillian, as soon as began the warm-up I knew I was in for a sweat, and that’s just what I got. Combining cardio, weight training and muscle-building this work out burns calories while toning up all those areas we avoid looking at in the shower. So say goodbye to the dreaded jiggles and team this wonderful work out up with a properly balanced diet.

And remember the work out only works if you work it

so work it Mama, and feel that BURN!

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