A Fond Farewell To Summer

18 Sep

Farewell summer with your long hot days and perfect mini skirt weather nights.

Thank you summer

For blessing us with BBQ’s, picnics, trips to the beach and all the other events that will have us in the gym all winter in preparation for your return

Goodbye summer, we hate to see you go

😦 bye bye

For you’ve given us so much

 Laughter, colorful rompers, more time with the kids and the significant other, to die for platform sandals, sexy even tans, and even sexier scandalous tan lines, frozen margaritas, mojito’s and all the mind blowing summer sales that burned out that little strip on the back of out credit/debit cards

So here’s to you Summer

And all the memorable moment you created for us to then capture and post on FACEBOOK, so everyone and there momma could tag themselves.

Summer your beautiful

And you have to know how painful it is to see you go, so painful in fact that some of us insist on wearing short shorts all throughout the year in your honor no matter how “breezy” it gets

So this is your fond farewell Summer

Goodbye, don’t forget to write, hurry back soon

We’ll leave a light on for ya.

Can't wait for next summer 🙂

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