What The Frick!!

4 Sep

So i came across this

what were they thinking?

And i had a total “What the FRICK !!” moment I understand that you wanna keep your baby close to you and warm as well, but come on really do you think this (above) is a good idea. As moms we do many  unfashionable things for the sake of your children, like say running to the store in your dirty sweats cause the econo size pack of diapers ran out. But this silly thing is just well…uncool and unnecessary. I mean come on just bring a nice baby blanket or if you want to really go crazy just put a JACKET on your baby. I know the world is starting to take a hint and realize that women sometimes need a little gadget help in order to balance the crazy hectic-ness that is MOTHERHOOD, but this invention is just embarrassing for you and the baby. I can just see your teenagers face now when they’re looking through their baby photos and they find a picture of you grinning while they are stuck in the insane fashion faux pas. Needless to say I will not be posting a link for this sillyness…geeze

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