26 Aug

So I promised to show you around Mommyville, well here’s one of its newest superstars!
Ladies and gentleman may I introduce you to Kelis

You might remember her from her love letter to a cheating man, a little ditty rightly entitled “Caught Out There (I hate you so much)”, and if you’re a guy I’m sure you remember the legend of her “MilkShakes”.

Well this fierce beauty is a mom now, yep you’re looking at a real life MILF and her new album FLESH TONE will definitely become a staple at your wild dance party.

Sheading her “R&B” skin she has been reborn as the Queen of the Dance Hall. And no im not talking reggae, I’m talking funky Electro Techno that will burn dow the Diso-Tech! Some might say this album was a risk for the artist, but as I always say “nothing great can come without great risk.”  And FLESH TONE is full of fist pumping, body pulsing greatness!

some art from the album, i think she makes a stunning sphinx!

In many interviews with the press Kelis gracefully pushes past all the questions about her “baby daddy drama” and focuses on the more positive influences in her life, her music, and most of all her son

Knight Jones (Born July 22 2010)


I have to commend this Prima Donna for keeping it together through all of her well publicized drama. As we all know relationships can totally take over our entire lives and we can easily forget what it is that WE WANT and what WE NEED for our own sleves.  But Kelis seems to know exactly what she wants and what this world needs

 and that’s to get up and Dance!

and celebrate life in all its wonderfully messy glory

 I have been literally pushing repeat for the past two weeks

So get up off that well toned buttocks and get Kelis’s new album


and support the MILF movement





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