Ohh Yeah Mama Like!!

20 Aug

I’ve been just dying to tell someone about this life saver that’s known as…drum roll ladies

are you ready…

cause oh boy is it good

here it is

Awww not impressed 😦

Well don’t let its simplicity fool you this is by far one of the best purchases I have ever made (besides the ostrich skin ankle boots). The legend begins as I trolled through the “BEYOND” section of Bed Bath & Beyond one lovely saturday. I was really on the hunt for curtains but my shoppers nose was hot on the trail for something MORE! I saw this brilliant invention parked next to the electronic pest repellent and the word MOMMY caught my eye immediately. I examined the simple looking D-Ring and thought to myself  “Eh I might wanna hang something from somewhere at some point, why not? and if all else fails I’m sure I can use it when I do my secret spy missions after sunday dinner.” So I happily pushed it to the back of my cart, so Henry(aka the most frugal man in the world) wouldn’t suspect and unnecessary purchases and ruin all my spy fun.

As it turns out THE MOMMY HOOK is more than just some unnecessary purchase, it’s a FREAK’N LIFE SAVER. Having just moved to a beautiful 4 flight walk up (aka the four flights of hell) I am challenged everyday with the question “How in the blazes am i gonna get this 25 lb toddler up these steps, AND who’s gonna carry all these bags!”

Well my prayers have been answered, THE MOMMY HOOK may not be any help with the toddler, nor will it carry all your bags up the stairs on its own. BUT it certainly will consolidate all that stuff as well giving you a nice cushioned handle, so you don’t get that painful “SHOPPING BAG PINCH.” Now you got one whole free hand, for the more precious cargo.

So that’s my story and im sticking to it.. Go grab THE MOMMY HOOK

here: www.themommyhook.com

Trust me you wont regret it, check out the pics below for more insanely great uses for THE MOMMY HOOK

Stay Savy Mama Ciao!

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