INTRODUCING..well..Me the Author..silly!

16 Aug

This story begins with me

Hi! My names April Nicole and im your everyday average wild child. I’m loud, impulsive and I’m pretty sure I’ve never sat still for more than 5 minutes tops. I’ve got a serious soft spot for all things Rock & Roll, needless to say I worship Bowie & Prince, but im also a bookworm and an avid fan of the english language. I’m what some might call a social butterfly, and im infamous for being that “Weird Black Girl”, cause you never know what I’ll say, do, or wear next. I like to ride my own wave, do my own thing and compromise has never really been my strong suit


Sometimes lighting strikes your whole world cracks and reforms anew, and this guy

…Well lets just say he totally ROCKED my world!!

Henry is a “Man’s man” and by that i mean he drinks beer, spits and likes huge homemade meals. He might not say much but he can fix anything as long as it’s broken. And really is there anything hotter than watching a man change your oil and rotate your tires:::wink wink:::

 Suddenly i had a road dog, and honestly one of the best drinking buddies IN THE WORLD

Henry and i became inseparable

Which of course lead to the creation of the now infamously known toddler we like to call


And she is truly my magnum opus, my greatest work in the flesh. She’s got a perfect blend of his cool resourcefulness and my wild “Go Gettum” attitude, all wrapped up in a soft and sweet treat. And really that smile does move mountains.

So that’s my story and im sticking to it.  I’m just your everyday ordinary Amazon working hard, playing hard and painting the town red…Im dedicated to being better than my best and I’m destined to be FEIRCE forever..I Am a Prima Donna and I make this mommy thing look good 😉

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