I’m not of Latin decent but…

5 May

But Feliz Cinco De Mayo to all my mamacitas out there…and if you wanna clue me in on just what you’re celebrating that be nice too..I love a good party..in fact

Tonight we’ll be eating these… in honor of the day and just cause i love mexican food soooooo damn much.. my daughter was practically incubated in green mole sauce…

yum yum in my tum

Its been A Long Time

5 May

and i shouldn’t have left you but here’s a dope beat to step too…..

Honestly I’m at a cross roads folks what should I do…Try Again? and thats my pun for the day no more I promise…haha
Cryptic i know but for all you working moms…who are actually out of work and starting to worry that you’ll never find you niche..I hear you Mama. I started Prima Donna Mama to reach mom’s with purpose and those without hoping to share inspiration. But somewhere toward the middle there I feel like I lost my own inspiration. I stopped creating because I needed a pay check and now that I realize my fabulous ass can’t keep a desk job I’m here at this fork in the road…and since i still dont know how to drive (lol) im stuck here…unless I pick my sexy ass up and start thinking outside the box

So here’s to getting a map and a clue and finding my way..cause really there are only two ways to go ladies

which way is up again?

Happy New Year..Now FEED ME!!

16 Jan

Happy New Year too all my faithful readers!

First off let me apologize for not writing in such a long time, but due to the lack of feedback, comments or questions I just didn’t feel like you guys were interested so…


And I’ll continue to dazzle and amaze you with a wide range of topic covering all the good stuff!

Ciao for now!

Here Kitty Kitty:Cat Calls, Has It Gone To Far?

24 Nov

Have you ever had a day like this one

Some of these examples may seem extreme but I can contest to walking down the street and hearing some of these vulgar attempts at conversation. Its sad and depraved to what lengths some men will go to just to be noticed by a woman. I mean they can’t be so thick(ridiculously stupid) to think that making crude remarks on certain aspects of a woman body are flattering?

The worst cases are when men are so bold as to hit on you when your with your children. And I’m not talking just about a friendly smile and a “Good morning beautiful” I’m talking full on harassment right in front of your offspring. Now I understand that the family dynamic has changed a lot in the past few years, but when you see a young black female with a child should you automatically assume that she is a single mom on well-fair desperate for any form of attention that might be thrown her way?

As Prima Donna’s we have the right to walk the streets without being harassed like common whores. As women and deserve better than juvenile remarks and uncoordinated attempts and flirting, because after all we do hold all the keys and codes. So the next time a creep with extremely limited “game” tries to kick it too you with a less than gentlemanly inquiry just tell him

“Nah I’m good bro, but hey is your mom cute?”

The look of utter shock and confusion on his face will be a wonderful consolation for you wasted time

Ciao Mama



14 Nov

So I found this

And I asked myself “what the frick is going on here?” and came up with nothing, so now Im asking you, my brilliant and talented readers to come up with a little story behind this crazy photo

Send in your ideas to girlgonerun@hotmail.com under the subject line “Mama’s cold shower” and I’ll post the best one

Im looking forward to seeing what you’ll come up with…and there just might be PRIZE for the WINNER!

What do Barbie and Britney have in Common?

9 Nov


Well for starters they’re both…”Not that innocent”

For years Barbie (made by Mattel) has been the target for much critique, be it her outlandish proportions or her status as a role model. This Doll, although today controversial was once was timeless staple in a young girls toy chest. But times are changing and in order to be timeless Barbie has gone high-tech with:

Yup that’s right Barbie’s officially a cyborg, CYBERNET would be proud to bad it’s software is only Mac friendly (Cybernet : that’s a Terminator reference if you’re wondering).

It was only a matter of time before the toy industry decided that children were smart and responsible enough to operate video cameras. I mean it’s not as if there’s anything wrong with a child using a video camera to record ANYTHING they saw fit, I mean the box says the toy is for ages 6 years +. So come on what type of over bearing and stifling parent wouldn’t let a 6-year-old explore the world of film making.

I hope you caught all that sarcasm, cause I was pouring it on pretty heavy

Video Girl Barbie is a monster in the making, and in my opinion no child should be entrusted with this kind of technology. Take a look at U-Tube and all the sick, sad and ridiculous things ADULTS have recorded, now tell me your 6-year-old is James Cameron. Would you really want you child recording the secreat inner workings of your home? Cause lets be honest children have a wonderful nack for catching us at our worst.

and now your child is sacred for life

And of course as a mom in this day and age I have to wonder “What if this device lands in the wrong hands?” you know the kind that belong to some sick demented pervert who finds a way to use this toy to get his kicks by watching children at their most vulnerable moments.

All in all this is not my ideal Christmas Gift and i think toy makers should be ashamed for complicating and defacing childhood in such away.

Shame shame…shame on you Mattel

Honestly you couldn’t think of anything else… you had to go and make the one toy that’s on every perverts wishlist

Here’s a little example of just how sick, sad and depraved the world of video can get, now let me first warn you


Halloween!…Lets Get Witchy With It!

4 Nov

So first let me say

“My Bad” for not writing for like forever…it was wrong and selfish of me, but I’m back.

And I have a great line up planned for this month!

So with that said let’s get to the fun stuff…

HALLOWEEN or All HALLOWS EVE is my favorite holiday and every year I try to really go there with my handmade costumes.  And to be honest buying a 45.00 polyester “Sexy Devil” costume is just so not me

I’m a Prima Donna Mama and the need to really express myself is far beyond the realms of  Dirty Nurse and Sexy Bunny

and I’m also handy with a sewing machine, so here’s this is what I came up with

Shrunken Heads anyone?

Yes people the doctor is in..the Witch Doctor that is

Oh and here I am with the missionary Priest who finally domesticated my savagery

Savage Amour

🙂 So…

pull out your sketch pads and dream up something fabulous Mama!

Being creative is what we Moms do, besides changing diapers and saving the world before dinner.

Ciao !


And Cut!: The Rise Of The C-Section Scar

25 Oct

I’ll never forget the moment they told me I’d be having abdominal surgery. I’d been proud of my status as a mother of a “Natural Born” child, and was happy to be among the elite group of women who’d avoided being cut even after a long and painful delivery. 

(Three days of un-medicated labor in a severely upright hospital bed)

It was my greatest success, and now here I was being debriefed on how my very friendly Filippino surgeon was going to cut a 4-5 inch long incision in my tummy to remove the ten week old fetus that was growing outside of my womb and somewhere near my bowels. Although this wasn’t a typical Caesarean section, a Caesarean it was and I was totally unprepared.

sometimes your fetus needs a map..or GPS.

Eptopic pregnancy is when your fetus forgets to bring his/her GPS and gets really lost

Well here I am nine months later and still wondering why some women would actually CHOOSE this procedure over a natural birth

women like:

Christina Aguilera who told People mag

“I didn’t want any surprises. Honestly, I didn’t want any [vaginal] tearing. I had heard horror stories of women going in and having to have an emergency C-section [anyway]. The hardest part was deciding on his birthday. I wanted to leave it up to fate, but at the same time I was ready to be done early!”

And of course the most noted c-section patient of them all, Posh Spice or Victoria Beckham for short.

Can't deny her MILF-Dom

Mrs Beckham who has become the inspiration for the phrase “Too Posh to Push”, has insisted that all three of her “scheduled” c-sections where medically needed. But it seems pretty obvious that the paper-thin diva chose this procedure  in order to avoid stretch marks and or course the dreaded “tearing” (cue evil villain music). But aren’t all those marks and tears just badges of honor worn by the women who join the army of Mothers, entrusted with the task of molding our futures? Why is the prospect of a natural birth scarier then the idea of major abdominal surgery?

open wide

Gone are the days when giving birth was a simple and personal experience, today its all about the production. And although the health of mothers and newborns has not improved in America (aka the land with street paved in gold) the rate of Caesarean births are climbing; one out of every three births are surgical.

In a hospital natural birthing is almost never an option for a woman with a breached baby (baby horizontal in womb), although midwives have often been able to coax a breached baby into a normal birthing position. Often C-sections are not “recommened” they are handed out like halloween candy, some hospitals have even banned the option of natural birth for a mother who has already had a c-section, a total violation of her god given RIGHT! Also it is fact that repeat procedures run the risk of unterine ruptures and dangerous abnormalities in the placenta during later pregnancies, which can cause hemorrhaging and lead to a hysterectomy (bye bye uterus 😦 ). Repeated Caesareans can make it risky or even impossible to have that large family you’ve planned since your tea party and doll days.

With so much going on in the “Birthing Industry” (because babies are a business in the USA) it’s best to know all your options and your rights as a mother. Look up the facts and never let hospital staff make you feel as if you must give birth as soon as you arrive at the hospital. It takes nine months to grow a human being and its only logical that pushing one out would take some time as well.

Every experience is different and sometimes emergencies can throw a fork in your prepared “Birth Plan.


Above all remember your babies health trumps all !


 If you wanna know more about the baby business check out the documentry “The Buiness Of Being Born” http://www.thebusinessofbeingborn.com produced by Ricki Lake who experienced both spectrums of the birthing process.